Ryan DeSiato

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"November of 2020 I was asked by the LBJ Wildflower Center to write and record a new song for their annual 'Luminations' exhibit. I was excited for the opportunity and got to work writing. My inspiration for the piece came from the thought of the families that would be together on cold winter nights, at the exhibit, sharing this beautiful experience. A few weeks later, Lang Freeman and I recorded and produced the track. I'll be working with him again on my next release for the film 'Perdition'. More on that later.

"Jan 27, 2021 'Luminations' will be available on all streaming platforms and for purchase online. "When I was writing this piece, I kept my mind focused in a state of childlike vulnerability. Lang Freeman helped me capture and manifest that vibe through the song's production."  I hope you enjoy. God Bless

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