Ryan DeSiato interview Voyage Austin Magazine

Conversation with 'Voyage Austin Magazine' November 2021

"In this interview I share about my journey to this point in my career, my values and musical direction for the future."

Ryan DeSiato (Des - C - auto) is an award-winning professional singer, guitarist & songwriter from Austin, TX. He writes and performs a mix of soulful rock, gospel-folk, blues ballads, and instrumental Spanish guitar. Ryan performs as a solo guitarist and singer utilizing live guitar loops to express his acoustic sound. Over the course of his sixteen-year career he has played both nationally and internationally with artists such as Patrice Pike, Ian Moore, Monte Montgomery and Big Wreck. Ryan lives and plays primarily in Central Texas. Since 2014 he has been on the music production team at ACTS Church in Lakeway, TX. His discography consists of 3 albums ‘EP 2004’, 2005’s ‘DOUBLE EDGED’ and 2017’s ‘SO MUCH FOR INNOCENCE’. 2020’s instrumental single ‘LUMINATIONS’ and 2021's single 'AIN'T NO GRAVE'. In 2022 He released the single's "SKIPPING ON THE PLAYGROUND" & "PICK YOUR HEAD UP". Ryan is currently working on new original music for public release and for sync licensing. Visit www.ryandesiato.com for more information.

Austin Singer/Songwriter Ryan DeSiato Releases New Single

'Pick your head’ hits music platforms July 3, 2022



My next single is a track that I am very excited to share called PICK YOUR HEAD UP.

PICK YOUR HEAD UP is a song aimed to encourage, uplift and have fun!

The lyrics are a celebration of the joy of transcending life’s challenges. The music is a fun mix of gospel and blues reminiscent of a 1970s acoustic soul groove in the vein of Bill Withers.

"This song is close to my heart because it’s an embodiment of the encouragement that I’ve felt from God, my mentors, and the great teachers I’ve been learning from over the past few years. The lyrics hold a message of hope, compassion, and strength that brings me a great deal of joy.”

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