Ryan DeSiato

Ryan DeSiato - Winner of 'Best Score' at The wild Bunch Film Festival 2021

"I'm grateful and honored to be the recipient of 'BEST SCORE' for my original song 'DOWN TO THE RIVER' from the film 'PERDITION'. I will release the song early in 2022. Until then, check it out in the film! 

Ryan to write and record music for the world renowned 'Silvana' exhibit at Luminations.

clients / major cities toured: Dubai (Dubai Festival of Lights), Istanbul, London (Winter Lights Festival), Perth, Belgrade, Doha (Doha Light Festival), Brussels

fabrication and installation: Ilmex SA 

year: 2017 (premiered in Brussels + Seville)

design: Ben Busche/ Brut Deluxe 

team: Philip Baumann, Elisa Luda, Jesús Fco. Rguez. Pedrosa

"I'm excited and grateful to be working on another musical theme for 'Lumintions'. The music will be available in 2022."

Ryan in November 2021 issue of 'Voyage Austin Magazine'.

"In this interview I share about my journey to this point in my career, my values and musicial direction toward the future."